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tween clothing for girls

Here at Pavement, we specialise in providing fashionable clothing of superior quality for young people aged between 8 and 16. We understand that it can be hard as a parent to find genuinely top-quality, fashionable clothing for your child or children - and we also understand how equally important it is for many people in their teens to keep up with the latest fashion trends and look great at all times!
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Buy Childrens Clothing for Girls Online

That’s why we’re on a permanent mission to ensure that the child and teen clothing brands we stock are visually stunning, in-fashion and are expertly made using top-quality materials.

Our professional team work tirelessly to keep on top of current trends, making sure we’ve always got plenty of high-quality clothing items for fashion-conscious young people.

Exceptional Range of Girls' Clothing Brands

We stock a great variety of different girls’ clothing brands and an impressive array of different clothing and accessory options, including:

  • Tee-shirts

  • Tops

  • Jackets

  • Shorts

  • Swimwear

  • Shoes

  • Bags and wallets

  • Sunglasses

  • Jewellery

...and plenty more. We even stock stationary and confectionary products!

Ethically Sourced Child and Teen Clothing Brands

Because we understand how important it is to know that the clothes you’re wearing have been designed and manufactured with ethics, the environment and sustainability in mind, and because we’re committed to establishing ourselves as the leading ethical clothing retailer in Australia, we’ve taken many important steps towards ensuring that we conduct business in the most ethical way possible.

The girls’ clothes online and in-store Pavement customers can choose from have all been sourced with ethical conduct in mind.

We don’t manufacture our goods in countries where unsafe or unfair working practices are common, and all of our supplier factories receive regular visits from our team to ensure that their employees are safe at work and are being treated fairly.

The Benefits of Buying Girls Clothes Online

At Pavement, we operate 24 high-quality teens’ and children’s clothes shops across Australia. But when it comes to buying girls clothes, online stores often offer the ultimate shopping experience for many people.

It goes without saying that girls’ clothes online stores provide maximum convenience, with customers being able to browse a variety of clothing options at their own pace without even needing to leave the comfort of their own home. And when you decide to buy a few items at once, you can take advantage of the fact that Pavement provides free shipping anywhere in Australia for all orders over $70.

View Our Range Online or Contact Us for More Information

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